Thursday, August 14, 2014

Laying it Down Venting Style

Have you ever had a moment where you just needed to vent. Things get piled so high, you are about to explode and you realize there is no one to vent to. I have found myself in that position several times these past few months. I just want to scream you stupid people but since stupid is a bad word in our house I have expanded my vocabulary to cretin. Or I want to buy a punching bag and go to town on it. Then all of a sudden out of no where here comes the book of Nahum. One of the mini prophets, a few chapters long but boy oh boy does it got a story. Then to accompany this book one of the Psalms says exactly how you are feeling. When this happens I feel like God is reaching down and touching my shoulder and saying, "My dear child. Vent to me. I know what was, what is and what will be. Let me worry about it and you focus on me. Talk to me." And boy oh boy do I talk. I tell him everything and I mean everything and He waits for me to be done. He waits for me to get my focus back on Him. A couple of times right after I finish venting the situation has been handled. He was waiting for me to lay it down and for me it was venting to Him. Other times I have had to wait or the answer was no. I feel better and I smile. I can walk away knowing I just didn't pass my burden on to my family, friends or strangers (haven't done this but have had done to me).

So my dear little Microwatt,
Vent to your Heavenly Father when you get frustrated. Be real with Him because He is a big boy. He knows what you are feeling anyway so be honest, be true. I will be here for guidance and an occasional vent but vent to Him first.
Mommy and Daddy love you

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Neutrogena Party

So thanks to Crowdtap and Neutrogena I was able to have a little party and try some of their products. I received Neutrogena Sunscreen, MoistureShine Lip Smoother in Shade Glimmer, Hydrating Make-up Remover, Triple Repair Hair Care and Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer. My guests and family were able to try the different products (Everything but the hair care because it was a little small to share effectively) and tell me what they thought. It was fun hanging out and watching everyone have fun with the different products. This though is mainly what I thought about each product used.

Neutrogena Sunscreen - I love sunscreen. I love the memories I get when I use sunscreen and I even love the smell of sunscreen despite what others think. The smell of Neutrogena's Ultimate Sport Sunscreen was the only thing that bothered me and thats because it was not there, which made my family happy. The sunscreen is SPF 70+. When you go to use the sunscreen it doesn't come out in big globs it comes out in a nice stream. This is nice when you have little helpers trying to use the sunscreen before you can get to them. The texture reminds me a little bit of body cream because it wasn't runny like most other brands. I also enjoyed that it didn't leave my skin or hands feeling greasy at all or that it would run when we got in the water. Lastly, which might sound the silliest, I like the explanation on the back. Its surprising how there is a lot of people who really don't know how to put on sunscreen and be protected all day. Friends and family who are burning due to lack of knowledge but right there on the back Neutrogena has a quick explanation that doesn't leave you feeling like a moron.

MoistureShine Lip Smoother in Shade Glimmer - SPF for your lips. This tiny tube of gloss packs a punch and I found out the hard way. Most lipgloss you need a good amount for it to serve its purpose but not this one. A little goes a llllloooonnnng way. Microwatt thought it smelt good and said, "Im shiny with my lips." She normally gets dry lips when we are out in the sun but this lipgloss prevented this for her. Plus, when I put it on and kissed Zettawatt he didn't coil back from having lipgloss on him. He rubbed it in instead if whipping it off, which for me is a score because then his lips are protected as well.

Hydrating Make-up Remover - This is the only product that I heard mixed reviews on. Some people liked the smell, some people hated the smell. Some people liked no water afterwards, some people felt like they weren't being cleaned because you did have to use water. I personally loved this product. I hate having to use water after I use make-up remover. I hate after a long day, night out or a performance having to come home taking off make-up. I just want to climb in bed and sleep. This make-up remover allows me to do that. It was perfect for our road trip because when it got late and we were still driving I was able to remove my make-up and just be done. No worrying about rinsing off with water or having other follow up steps. The hydrating from the cucumbers and aloe felt like a mini facial and I could drift to sleep without worrying about my face.

Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer - My favorite. A little tiny amount actually went a long way. This might not be important to some people but we have a budget and the longer something can last in my house the higher it goes up in my book. I also have oily skin and normally hate use moisturizer because it leaves my face oily and feeling gross. I did not have this problem with Neutrogena's Moisturizer and I loved the SPF built in on those days where you just want to be natural and relaxed.